Aleksei Chistiakov Ph.D.

UX Design Lead

A certified UX specialist with a knowledge and expertise to validate ideas, gather and read data, and make right assumptions in an Agile environment.

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Abstract. I am a User Experience (UX) and Virtual Reality (VR) specialist, awarded a Computer Science Ph.D. in 2018 for research in Human-Computer Interaction. I’m a problem solver with over a decade of work experience and more than five years in academic research. In my work, I fuse creative and scientific approaches to impact performance of products and services.


In the recent years overwhelming portion of my work aimed at introduction of CX and UX methodologies in business processes. This kind of work scarce visual assets and presented better in a form of a conversation or a document, rather than a set of images. Either way, please do not hesitate to contact me. A custom-tailored portfolio is available upon request.


1.1. Early Stages

Born in Moscow, Russia in 1982, I graduated from Vologda State University in 2005 with a B.Sc. degree in Biomedical Engineering. I then began working as a web-designer, where I changed a number of web-studios in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. In 2009, I began a senior designer position in one of the biggest Russian media holdings. A year later I was hired by one of the largest Microsoft partners in Russia and worked there for another 4 years.

1.2. Higher Education

Further, in 2012, I enrolled in an M.Sc. degree in Multimedia Ambient Intelligence at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain and successfully completed the program. The work behind my master’s thesis resulted in two published papers. Following this success, in 2013 I was offered and accepted a Ph.D. position in the Department of Computer Science.

1.3. Recent Developments

As a part of my scholarship, I was assigned to work for a start-up company connected with the University, where I took the role of a senior UX designer and UI developer. Three years later, I was offered a UX and VR Specialist position at TeamCMP - a VR content production and distribution company located in Barcelona. Experienced in working with 3D display interfaces, I was put in charge of the company's R&D and UX design.

Please read full employment history on my LinkedIn profile.


Computer Science Ph.D.

Computer Science Department. Autonomous University of Barcelona. (Barcelona, Spain)

Research work aimed at understanding of problematics of user interaction with stereoscopic display interfaces in the Web context. The Ph.D. Thesis titled “3D Display Interfaces In Web Applications: Development And Performance Evaluation” was successfully defended in November 2018 cum laude. Throughout the course of the work, several contributions were made. Please see a full list of publications here.

Multimedia Ambient Intelligence M.Sc.

Computer Science Department. Autonomous University of Barcelona. (Barcelona, Spain)

A master’s degree aimed at developing a better understanding of human-computer interaction and user experience design practices. As a Thesis project, I designed a 2D-to-3D display interface conversion algorithm, along with a prototype of a tool to achieve the conversion. During my work on the Thesis, 1 journal and 2 conference papers were published describing the algorithm, the tool, and the results of user study.

Biomedical Engineering B.Sc.

Engineering Department. Vologda State University. (Vologda, Russia)

A B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering was the foundation of my academic career, and helped me to form an engineering approach to problem solving, as well as accessing and processing information in the most efficient ways.

NN/g UX Certificate

Nielsen Norman Group

Completion of the NN/g UX Program, an exam-based credential from an elite firm dedicated to improving the everyday experience of using technology.


  • — A take-charge person who is able to effectively develop a research project. He is perfectly capable of working under pressure, always achieving outstanding quality in his work.

    María T. Soto-Sanfiel

    Associate Professor
    Universitát Autónoma de Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)

  • — Thanks to Aleksei's insightful research, we gained a whole new understanding of how to approach our market, and our customer acquisitions nearly doubled.

    Alison Sacriponte

    CEO & Founder
    Gutchies LLC

  • — One of most talented designer
    i've ever worked with.

    Vladimir Yakushin

    Head of Design and Development
    Lextre, Moscow (Russia).


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